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Hey everyone!
I have been on the boards since 2004 but when i changed my email and pin pics name i lost my joined date. I still have all my references though. :)
We have been collecting since 2003 when we first visited disney. We are enthused with the Haunted Mansion but have started only collecting the duellers and the stretching portraits pins from that attraction. I collect disney railroad (since i am a 3rd generation locomotive engineer) and we collect attraction sign pins and nightmare jack. I really wish they would release a water pageant pin set! hopefully one that would light up... We only collect pins that are released when we are in disney and pins for what we do while we are in disney. I will get a pin for what hotel we stay in. If we go to a new show or go on a new ride. We make a book for each trip thats like a photo album showing what we did on our vacation. We love trading pins and I love trading to get other peoples most waned pins when they cant.
The California Grill is awesome and our grandest vacations have been when we stay in the Grand Floridian resort. Watching the Electrical Waer Pageant from the grass in front of Narcoossees restraunt is one of my favorite tthings. We are just a couple of kids when we go to Disney!
Happy trades to all

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    Great Guy!
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    Love the GF avatar picture. We had the oppty to stay in Sago Cay this year and had a blast......
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    How is your day today?